Why Nile Funds?

We know Africa.

Our funds allow investors to expand their emerging market exposure by owning companies in this high-growth, resource-rich continent that is primed for a dynamic increase in consumer growth and infrastructure development as well.
Our extensive knowledge of the region, along with a proprietary model of evaluation and extensive on-the-ground contacts and resources, enables us to provide compelling strategies for long-term investment.
Simply put; we can expand your access to investment opportunities for this undervalued continent. Because we know Africa.
  • Class A

    • Nile Africa, Frontier & Emerging (NAFAX)

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    Class C

    • Nile Africa, Frontier & Emerging (NAFCX)

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    Institutional Class

    • Nile Africa, Frontier & Emerging (NAFIX)

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  • Investment Philosophy

    Our team, led by Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer Larry Seruma, uses proprietary macro-economic research and in-depth fundamental analysis to manage a focused portfolio of common stocks drawn from the emerging and frontier markets of Africa.

    Our process begins with an in-depth macro-economic analysis and systematic ranking of all 53 countries on the African continent. This unique proprietary data helps Nile Capital focus on African economies with consistent GDP growth rates, strong balance sheets, and improving demographics with regards to standards of living and personal consumption.

    Within selected economies, the Investment Team focuses on finding what we believe to be the highest-quality companies that offer potential for sustained earnings growth, attractive valuations and market liquidity. Our emphasis includes:

    • • Leading companies with established franchises
    • • Consistent growth in revenues and earnings
    • • Strong management teams, business plans and products

    We aggregate and analyze "on-the-ground" information about leading African public companies, including research and earnings estimates of local analysts who follow these companies. We also conduct in-depth due diligence to evaluate, select and monitor companies on the continent.

    There is no assurance that the fund’s investment objectives or strategies will be achieved or maintained

  • Our Core Values

    Nile Capital Management LLC's investment philosophy is shaped by core values that guide our investment process, research and trading decisions.


    We believe active management, research and selectivity are key

    Africa is a huge, diverse continent, and some promising ideas and concepts face formidable barriers to growth, such as a high cost of capital. We understand these potential risks, and dig deep into a company’s financial statements and operations to uncover opportunities.


    We believe in Africa’s growth potential

    We understand the dynamics that will transform Africa and help to grow its national economies in the 21st century. The investment opportunities that exist there today are similar to those that existed in China, India and other parts of Asia a decade or two ago. We believe growth-minded investors may be rewarded when they recognize opportunities ahead of the crowd.


    We focus on what we know

    In doing so, we seek to identify investment opportunities in regions and industries where we have unique information, experience and a competitive edge. Africa is just such a region.


    Experience and integrity are essential

    Our principals have strong track records of success in investment management while demonstrating a high degree of integrity. Our own money is invested besides that of our investors, and we treat their capital with the same prudence as our own.